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Poster: MPDMedia Date: Jul 21, 2022 7:52am
Forum: audio Subject: Re: All audio removed?

Might be a copyright issue; I've seen several podcasts removed for the same reason. Files might have landed in the Deemphasized section. You've been on IA since 2018, so some of your data are still available. Go to your homepage on IA and check Favorites.

Out of curiosity, Is your group based in Marietta, GA or Wesley Chapel, FL?

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Poster: Healing To The Nations Date: Jul 21, 2022 7:11pm
Forum: audio Subject: Re: All audio removed?

This is all self recorded sermons so if copyright was an issue it would be falsely flagged.

After contacting them they have now restored all audio. Phew, still no idea why it was removed, I'll ask and see if they can tell me anything.

Not sure what the deemphasized section is, if it were it should still be in the "My uploads" though right, which is wasn't.

We are located in Adelaide, South Australia.

Cheers :)